Glad that I’ve joined this channel! Excellent service and the highest percentage of accurate calls I have seen! Honest and quick respons on questions. The guy is A PRO! I subscribed to the premium membership, and would advise others to do so too. 1 of the best choices I’ve made sofar.

Sumit Singla

The best paid channel i have ever seen. I joined many paid groups but warsnop group is just awesome. All you need to do is follow his calls and your portfolio will sky rocket. He give proper reasons with charts to buy any call. He helps you to learn TA’s too. You can join his free telegram channel to experiment his free calls. Rarely his any calls hits stop loss and 90%+ hits tp2 (approx 25%+). Am almost 2x in last few weeks just by selling my stocks at tp2.


Warsnops channels are awesome. Not only with great calls that make money, but also with insights, tips and strategy. He advises you on your own plays and you can learn a lot from the others in the group discussion and their plays. But I only follow Warsnops plays lul


As other stated before me , Warsnop is just brilliant and his service is close to perfection in my humble opinion.

Hassan Gnaba

( I never trust people how are giving signal )
With warsnop, here is my experience with :

-Winning signals in bad market with explanation
-Answer any questions you requested with good explanation with details
-One to one support at any time
– live shots of drwaing charts
It’s really worth to be with this guy

Here is the key beside he is professional regarding his signal , he really help us to learn how to get those signals

I highly recommend you will not regret

Isha Dahiya

I have been with them from the very beginning . High quality trades with up to date follow ups and definite profits is what I have been getting throughout . Perfectly explained set ups with a high win rate . ! One of the best so far ! Dependable enough team 

Matthew Clark

Warsnop is one of the best signal callers I’ve met. He has a tried, tested and proven strategy that results in positive numbers on a monthly basis. Can not wait to see how his community grows, both in wealth and knowledge.

Mehmet Ali Cambaz

This man really knows how to do this job. He is a real professional about TA as well as FA. Just because I had lost a lot before getting to know this guy, I took less risk and took profit earlier than he describes in the calls. That's why I couldn't earn much in early days of my subscription but now I truly trust his calls and have started to gain much more. I can say I have doubled my trading portfolio in a month. I know there are lots of scammers in this crypto world and I understand the psychology before paying money for premium , which includes lots of hesitation. Just before my subscription, I had forgotten it is possible that money could be earned in trading and Warsnop reminded me it's possible. Besides, If you're willing and have time to learn TA, he educates you.  Thanks for everything, boss.


The best premium signals service I ever work with. Really professional and very helpful when you ask him.
I really recommend it.

Deniz Balci

Finally a place where i trust! Good service in personale and great signals. Just startet but looking forward to better gains.

Nishal Rosenpershad

Great signals and advice 24/7! Always there to assist you directly! Warsnop is the REAL DEAL!


Really appreciate the time and effort Warsnop puts into the group, always responds to your queries on a timely manner. His TA is obviously great but he geniunely wants to help us all learn and earn.


Warsnop group are for me the best you can find, helpful honest and brilliant trader.Thanks for help and time you spend for us.


You can have big trust in this guy. Warsnop signals are awesome and done with great TA. Warsnop FTW


 My portfollio is up 30% in only a few months because of Warsnop


High quality signals! Always responds quickly to questions. Highly recommended.

Phil Dow

The best signals provider ive ever used and the only ome i recommend. Been using for around 1 year. 


Similar to other comments, this is the only signals channel that I trust. It’s spooky how accurate these calls are, backed by the nicest guy who provides incredibly responsive 1 on 1 analysis and support. There’s no ego here and nothing but good calls.


Good quality signals with high percentage of winning calls even in a market that is not moving and many other experts cannot seem to get a decent amount of winning calls. Great personalised one on one communication and always answers promptly


I have followed the signals for quite some time now and recently subscribed to the premium membership. Excellent service and the highest percentage of accurate calls I have seen!


The Team is simply great. The Calls are All done with ta, clear targets and sl.
What is most important:you can always message and ask a question and get a really fast reply.
I have a lifetime subscription which paid during 5 weeks because I started with a small Portfolio.


Ive been with him since early may and i have nothing but to compliment him for his seriousness, fast and personalized response and fantastic accuracy on his calls. With its limited amount of members ensures that his calls are fully backed by TA and project long term vision.
This is the best channel if you are really serious on trading

Mark Lawrence

By far the best signals group I have found, and I’ve used many. Not only are his signals accurate and profitable but Anant goes that extra mile by providing; detailed updates, trading education, tips on the psychology of trading plus he is always on hand to answer any personal portfolio or trading questions.
Highly recommend!


Warsnop is one of the best paid signal groups to become apart of. They really take their time to provide quality signals, cover news and the psychology of trading. I became a lifetime member because the customer service was excellent! Give them a try and find out for yourselves

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